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[PSUK]: So Shivre please introduce yourself

[Shivre]: hi im shivre, Real name heinrich wolf 24 years old. im an acoustic-electronic producer wondering between bass vibes and odd future grooves. I started out as a drummer and got to producing to bring out my ideas and creativity all by myself to communicate my idea of sound and emotion. i gained first exposures with other projects in berlin. today im living on the Baltic Sea in a very creative area to concentrate on Shivre and push out very diverse and fresh sound!

[PSUK]: So shivre tell us abit more about the music that inspires you to create the music you make?

[Shivre]: Traditional indian and african, aswell as chinese music inspires and fascinates me, But i listen to it for research, I try to get deep into the cosmos of music and so try to get into as much stuff as i can get. For example i love to listen to dvorak, whos a russian classical composer, and after that i listen to tyler the creator & flying lotus.

[PSUK]: So can you tell us what we can expect from you in the forthcoming future? any releases you want to tell us about? Any remix's you have coming up?

[Shivre]: Well im featured on the very first release of a very much promising upstarting label by a mate of mine called Plastik Sound UK and the next Compilation of Broken Bubble. Also i made an EP with Atsuko and Autumna and Skaul which is called "in the Shops" for that we went to Amsterdam to record and be creative. Its gonna come out on our Bandcamp very soon. Also there will be my EP "Moth" on Undersky Records in January featuring Imaginary Friend. I have an EP on Prospekt in the middle of the next year. At the moment im working on a remix for Autumna which will be released on Disturbing Noise... also im working on a remix for Smaug and have collabs going with Atsuko, Gasface, Autumna, Zaika and other stuff i dont wanna say too much about yet. We´ll see what that brings..

[PSUK]: Ok explain to us more about Shivre as an artist and the main axis of what your all about?

[Shivre]: generally i want to push my sound more and more and get together with many more artists to evolve and develop more and more creative potential. i see myself as some kind of weird low-key backyard scientist who makes experiments between all awesome and totally odd and id like to push this slim line more and more to open up peoples minds and show them the beauty of the unknown and unexpected.

[PSUK]: Name 3 tracks that are most played by yourself?

[Shivre]: Well.. Moby - Mad World, Baths - Plea, Smaug - Im Just Fine

Thank you to  Shivre

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