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Sun Glitters

[PSUK]: So Sun Glitters could you start off by introducing yourself.

[Sun Glitters]: Sun Glitters was born in March 2011 in Luxembourg by Victor Ferreira. I’ve been producing electronic music for 13 years now,
and played bass in a number of Rock Bands before electronic sounds invaded my brain ;)

[PSUK]: Could you tell us a bit more about your music & what music means to you?

[Sun Glitters]: Music means a lot to me, it's a big part of my life beside my beautiful family of course! It's hard to explain where my music comes from, because it is simply me living each day of my life. My music to can sound different from day to day, depending on my state of mind! ;) But I think on the whole, my music is inspired by a mix of 80's music that I listen to growing up, 90's Indie-rock and more recent electronica influences! ;)

[PSUK]: Which artists around at the moment are doing it for you at the moment or most of all inspire you to create such wonderful music?

[Sun Glitters]: Oh thanks for your kind words about my music! ;) If I would mention all the artists it would be a huge list!!! I have no one favourite artist at the moment because I'm listening to different things everyday! This may range from new artists to revisiting an old favourite for nostalgic reasons ;) To get an idea of what I like to listen to, you should check out my Mixtapes on Soundcloud.

[PSUK]: So can you tell us what we could expect from you, Any forthcoming releases we need to watch out for, Any specific Remix's?

[Sun Glitters]: My next release will be a 7" on Lefse Records. There are several remixes to be released and some still in process. I'm also working everyday on my new songs for my next full length as well and find a home for it!

[PSUK]: Could you name 3 tracks that are most played on your ipod?

[Sun Glitters]: OMG... so maybe "sometimes" from My Bloody Valentine, Boards Of Canada with "Roygbiv" and "Winona" by Drop Nineteens. But I think I'm listening all my new tracks/demos/remixes that I'm working on at the moment ! ;)

Thank you To Victor Ferreira (Sun Glitters) 
Sun Glitters - High (Official Video)

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